11月5日-6日 (月・火 MON&TUE)
departure 11/5 4:00 – arrival 11/6 16:00

今回登頂する黒味岳は奥岳稜線の南に位置し、山頂からは360°パノラマの絶景を見渡すことのできる標高 1831mの山です。標高1360mの淀川登山口からスタートし、道中には清流「淀川」・高層湿原「花之江河」・巨石「トウフ岩」など見所が多く、比較的短距離で山頂に到達できるため、登山経験に関わらず挑戦しやすいコースです。また、山小屋にて宿泊するため、満天の星空や朝の清々しい森を体感でき、撮影の時間も十分に確保できます。下山後には尾之間温泉に立ち寄り、登山の疲れを癒します。また翌日(11/7) 安房公民館にて撮影した写真のセレクト・画像処理・プリント出力を行います。
フランス人写真家 ANTONIN BORGEAUD氏がワークショップの講師を務め、屋久島の公認ガイド2名もツアーに同行します。

・山岳部環境保全協力金:屋久島の美しい自然を守るための協力金(山中泊の場合 2,000円)にご協力ください。
・参加費: ¥45,000(前日の宿泊代金・保険料込み)
※ こちらは前日 (11/4) の宿泊がセットになっております。宿泊施設は安房の諸会場やスーパー、飲食店などにアクセス便利な民宿「志保」にて素泊りとなります。
1名様1室利用の場合は +500円 となります。

※ 天候によっては内容、日程の変更、ワークショップ中止の可能性があります。

From the top of Kuromidake there is a 360° view as you stand near the center of the island at 1831 meters. The drive up to the Yodogawa trail entry is a very interesting ride as you go from sea level to 1360 meters.
As you walk from the Yodogawa trail entry you will gradually notice a changing vegetation until you reach the exposed mountain tops where the alpine plants grow.  
The highlights of this trek are the marsh areas of Hananoego and Kobandake.  Kobandake is often refered to as Tofu Rock, although it looks more like a loaf of bread.
Kuromi Dake is suitable for beginners, because it is relatively a short distance (10km) to the mountaintop.
This photo trecking tour is planed to stay a night at mountain ,so you will have plenty time to take photographs such as star‐studded sky , sunrise.
After climb down the mountain, everyone will go Onoaida hot spring and heal tiredness of climbing.
The next day (11/7), select a photograph and learn digital editing and printing at Anbo public hall.
A french photographer ANTONIN BORGEAUD will instruct you and 2 official recognition guides will accompany this workshop.

・Capacity:up to 6persons (reservation required)
・Belongings:camera, memory card, batteries, lunch box, drinks, snacks, dinner for mountain climbing (something like cup noodles), backpack, climbing boots, rain wear, portable toilet, outfits for cold weather ( down jacket, knit cap, gloves, warmer etc )
・Clothes:comfortable outfits, It can also be windy on the top and cold at night so bring something warm to wear is recommended.
・Yakushima’s Mountain Environmental Conservation Donation program:¥2,000 / more than one day (The purpose of this fund-raising program is for the conservation of the mountain’s environment and to assure user safety by maintaining the trails and the facilities in the mountains.)
・Fee:¥45,000 (included accommodation fee & insurance)
 ※ This WS is contained lodging the day before (11/4). The accommodation is guesthouse SHIHO, which is convenient for some venues at Anbo area and supermarket, restaurants. The stay plan is room without meals. If you stay 1room for 1person, the cost will be added more ¥500.

 ※ Depend on the terrible weather, there is the possibility of changing content, schedule, and canceling the workshop.

参加申し込みは CONTACT FORM より受けつけております。
Please apply from CONTACT FORM.