Take a Breath      Miho Suzuki

On a rose bush

A rose blooms.

Why should I marvel at this?


-Excerpt from “Two Poems on the Rose”, Kitahara Hakushu

Translated by Margaret Benton Fukasawa, in her book “Kitahara Hakushu, His Life and Poetry”


This is part of poems by Kitahara Hakushu, gifted Japanese poet.  It is hardly surprising that a rose blooms on a rose bush, but a wonder of nature itself must have inspired him to write the verse.  I deeply feel empathy with this poem.


We tend to relish trivial things in nature or daily life in Japan, and put in words the beauty of them in poems or traditional short ones, “Tanka” and “Haiku.”


For my project, “Take a Breath,” I have captured and put together the moments that took my breath away in my daily life, through the approach used in the Japanese poems.  There is no way I can fully express in words what have moved me.  Instead, I hope the images here would allow you to reawaken any feelings or emotions in your mind.

鈴木 美保


写真家 渡部さとる氏、白岡順氏らのワークショップで写真を学ぶ。



2015年        「冬の薔薇」 ギャラリー蒼穹舎 (東京)



2016年        「MEET IN ARLES! YPF」 (アルル、フランス)

2015年        「What’s up Photo Doc, Y.P.F. Gallery」 (パリ、フランス)    

2014年        「それぞれの時間」 パルスギャラリー (東京)

2013年        「Flower Power 2013」 インスタイル・フォトグラフィー・センター (東京)

2011年        「somewhere, nowhere」 ギャラリーEM西麻布 (東京)

2009年        「2B26」 ギャラリー ルデコ (東京)



2015年        「冬の薔薇」 (私家版)







Born in Tokyo, Japan


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2015    “A Midwinter Rose”, Sokyu-sha Gallery, Tokyo, Japan


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2015    “What’s up Photo Doc, Y.P.F. Gallery”, La Bellevilloise, Paris, France

2014        “Sorezore no jikan (Everyone’s Time)”, Pulse Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2013    “Flower Power 2013”, Instyle Photography Center, Tokyo, Japan

2011    “somewhere, nowhere”, Gallery EM Nishiazabu, Tokyo, Japan

2009    “2B26”, Gallery Le Deco, Tokyo, Japan


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2015    “A Midwinter Rose” - Self published


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